Vulcan Musings

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Vre'kasht anniversary

In 2007 my partner and I were unhappy with the situation we found ourselves in with our chapter in STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. (SFI).   I was the Executive Officer to a Commanding Officer who seemed intent on ignoring everything I had to contribute to the chapter and openly hostile to my partner.  The CO ended up kicking my partner out of the chapter which left me in a difficult position: Do I continue on in the chapter and hope for the best for my partner or do I leave the chapter in support of him. We were discussing our options before he was kicked out because we saw it coming for a while prior to it happening. We knew we really only had two options if we wanted to remain in SFI, find a new existing chapter to join or start our own chapter.

I have been in STARFLEET since October of 2003. At the time I had been a member for 3 1/2 years. My chapter at the time was only my second chapter. I had some idea of the workings of a chapter in 'FLEET but not much about the rest of the organization. That chapter was a new chapter and I had been involved with getting it started and certified by STARFLEET. In fact my partner and I are both plank certificate owner of that chapter. I knew that I could handle starting a chapter. The hardest part would be recruiting new members. At our highest level we had twenty members. Right now we have nine members. We need to have ten to be considered up to strength.

On Friday, June 28, 2013 we will celebrate our five year anniversary as a commissioned chapter of STARFLEET. We have had our struggles along the way but it has mostly be a fun ride. Can't wait for the next five years!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Star Trek Burger King Ad

Watch this funny Burger King ad featuring "Kingons". Very funny stuff.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Captain's Log

Computer begin recording,

Captain's Log
Stardate: 62805.9

We had a lot of topics on the agenda this month. We covered all of them except one and all in an hour. This meetings was abreviated due to Siran having to go to work early the next day. We decided to move the beginning time up to 8 pm CT for future official meetings due to work schedules.

One of the decision made during the meeting was to form a Marine Strike Group (MSG) on board the Vre'kasht. Details can be found on the forum about it. LT T'sohg will be the Officer In Charge (OIC). The Marines do love their acronyms.

It was also decided to participate in a ship-wide Trivia Tournament. i will set it up so it will start on May 1st. It is a daily quiz that will be available 7 days a week. If a person wishes to join in, they will need to create an account with

Computer end recording and save.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Captain's log

Computer begin recording,

Captain's Log
Stardate: 62701.6

Apparently our decision to change the night of the meeting was a good one. We had eight crew members in attendance at the March meeting.

We had a fun, productive meeting. Everything on the agenda was covered in less than two hours. I think that was a first for us.

The coming months should be a busy and exciting time for us. The new Star Trek movie is coming out on May 8, 2009. Trek Fest and our ship's 1 year anniversary of Commissioning are both on the same weekend of June. We Commissioned on June 28, 2008. Trek Fest is always the last weekend of June. On a personal note June 28 also marks the one year anniversary of my, and Siran's, promotions to Captain and Commander, respectively.

Computer end recording and save.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Captain's log

Computer begin recording,

Captain's Log
Stardate: 62630.2

Due to an internet outage in the captain's quarters, there was not a reminder of the meeting sent out. I apologize for that omission. We only had one item on the agenda, so there was not a lot of business to discuss. Anyone who didn't attend didn't miss out on much.

I want to remind everyone that our Web site has a page for each crew member's personal and career biography. To have your information added, just e-mail Siran at and he will add it to the Web site. I would like to see all the senoir staff have their biographies on the Web site.

Computer end recording and save.